DIY Small Bathroom Décor Ideas

Bathroom decor becomes important when you feel like your bathroom is dull and boring; it just need something to makes it become a new, refreshed, and revived. You have think and consider on having a full renovation, but you know that will, hurt you, a lot, in the economic sector if you are in a […]

The Bathroom Wallpaper Superpower

Bathroom wallpaper is a miraculous thing in the world of designing, or more precisely, decorating the bathroom. Why is it miraculous? First, the wallpaper is practically easy to apply. You only need to put them up to the wall. Very different compared to painting the whole wall with certain pattern. Secondly, it is also cheap. […]

The Overlooked Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom fittings are often considered as the most overlooked things in terms of designing the bathroom. They are practically not big enough for some people to see whether it gives a significant change if it changed with something or so. While so, drains, taps, and other fitting actually joins as one division of the element […]

Planning out a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodel was quite popular as a solution for those who have their bathroom not looked so good again, and don’t want to waste their bank account with other ways to solve the problem like doing a full renovation, or even replacement. Still, even so, bathroom remodeling was quite relatively expensive even for a small […]

The Bathroom Accessories Sets that Makes Your Bathroom Looks Good

Bathroom accessories sets, let us analyze those three words. First, bathroom, it pretty obvious that this thing will be related, much related to the bathroom. It will, and should be placed at bathroom or even something that bathroom needs. Second is an accessory. Accessories are something you use to makes things look good, or to […]