DIY Small Bathroom Décor Ideas

Bathroom decor becomes important when you feel like your bathroom is dull and boring; it just need something to makes it become a new, refreshed, and revived. You have think and consider on having a full renovation, but you know that will, hurt you, a lot, in the economic sector if you are in a budget right now. So what we need to do? It is time for Do-It-Yourself ideas. Now, activate your brain creative function.

Save the Storage with Small BathroomDecor Ideas

Decoration needs to be both beautiful and functional. As well as a small bathroom, the limitation it has should not makes it look bad, instead, there will be a unique charm a small bathroom has. Well, you can always count on your creativity. The problem small bathroom has is storage, so the decoration should create more space while in the same time makes it look good as well.

The Storage Saving Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Are you the people that have the needs to shave? Why not creates a razor holder from a wasted toilet paper cardboard? Glue or tie them at maybe, your shower? Utilize your wall; you may want to hang baskets, to put your bathroom needs like towels and shampoos. Don’t forget to decorate the baskets also. Shelves also look good.