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painting kitchen cabinets blue

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Painting kitchen cabinets is the great thing to do by you. Repaint the kitchen cabinets is important in order to create a fresh and new sensation of the kitchen. Many people try to have someone paints the cabinets for them but some; they can paint it by their selves. Painting kitchen cabinets is easy tough.

Prepare some tools before painting kitchen cabinets

To repaint the kitchen cabinets you will need some tools. You need to clean the surface first using sand paper. Prepare what kind of painting color that you will use. A small paint brush will support on painting each spots of the cabinets then the big one.

Let’s repaint the cabinets

The first step you should do is removing the door and its hardware. It will help you to paint the whole spots of the cabinets without leaving some corner unpainted. Clean all of surface that are need to be repainted. Make sure all things neat without leaving some rough surface. It will help you to give a neat painting by sanding the surface. Paint all of the cabinets and wait for it to dry. The last is installing back the door and its hardware. Now, you have your new cabinets!